How long does it take to notice results?

Results should be seen within 1-2 weeks.

Is DrFormulas® Prostate Support a capsule or tablet?

DrFormulas® Prostate Support is an easy to swallow capsule.

What are the side effects of DrFormulas® Prostate Support?

A: Do not take DrFormulas® Prostate Support if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Some people have experienced indigestion while taking DrFormulas™ Prostate Support. If so, we recommend taking DrFormulas® Prostate Support after meals.

How many do I have to take a day?

The prescribed dosage is 2 capsules a day.

How should I take the pills?

The choice is yours, as long as you take 2 everyday. We recommend taking 1 pill with breakfast and 1 pill with dinner to get an even dosage throughout the day.

How long does each bottle last?

Each bottle has 60 capsules and lasts 30 days.